Family Law

Mr. Marble began handling Family Law matters in 2004.  Since then, Family Law matters have grown to approximately 40% of the Mr. Marble’s case load.  Family Law is a unique area of law that sometimes requires an aggressive litigator while other cases require a calm gentle approach.  The 20 plus years of litigation experience help Mr. Marble know what approach will be most likely to render a successful result for his clients.  Mr. Marble has actual litigation experience handling the following matters:

  • Spousal Support:  Filing and defending motions for Temporary Spousal Support.
  • Custody and Visitation: Filing and defending motions for Child Custody.
  • Child Support: Filing and defending motions for Child Support.
  • Property Assets Determination:  Legal analysis for determinations, categorization and apportionment of Community vs. Separate Property Assets.
  • Separation Property Assets:  Legal analysis and guidance in maintenance of Separate Property status of Assets before, during and after marriage.
  • Property Division:  Real Property, Personal Property, Retirement Accounts, and other Community Property division.
  • Mandatory Mutual Disclosures:  Drafting and execution of the mandatory post filing disclosures.
  • Settlement Agreements:  Drafting and execution of Marital Settlement Agreements.
  • Divorce Mediation: Resolution of Martial disputes via a neutral third party Mediator who specializes in Divorce Mediation.