Internet Privacy

With social media and internet becoming an increasingly bigger part of our lives, so is the need for privacy from this new form of media.  Marble Law specialize in a number of internet related legal issues, such as:

  • Defamation online through web pages or social media
  • Stolen property, such as photos or other work

Marble law employes a technical expert who has 20+ years of experience in the field and is a former Microsoft employee.  This puts Marble law in the forefront in this field with expertise on Google search, YouTube, social media like Facebook, e-mail, website hosting and many more.

David Marble offers a 30 minutes consultation with himself and his computer expert present as a means to most efficiently come up with a solution to your internet/computer related problem.  This offer is a great way to get answers to your legal questions and get a set of potential solutions that you can move forward with either using our services or by yourself if you prefer.  The 30 minute consultation is best done in person at our Redwood City office, but if you are unable to show up in person, we can also do this online using Skype, FaceTime or other media or even just via regular voice conference calls.